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Sierra Jazz Band

Sierra Jazz Band
jazz, contemporary and world

Trio - guitar, flute/sax, voice
Trio - guitar, flute/sax, bass
4 piece Band - guitar, flute/sax, bass, voice
4 piece Band - guitar, flute/sax, bass, drums
5 piece Band - guitar, flute/sax, bass, voice, drums

The Sierra Jazz Band plays standards from the 30's to the 90's, in the styles of jazz, latin, blues, swing and more. Our traditional configuration features sax/flute, guitar, upright bass and drums. For a contemporary sound (funk, blues, rock) we use electric bass & guitar. We can add a vocalist, keys or another horn, or break it down to a trio.  If you would like classical for the ceremony and jazz for the reception, see our Mixed Ensemble for more possibilities.




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