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Pricing examples of our music groups

At Sierra Entertainment we are dedicated to promoting high quality, fun and entertaining music for our clients. All our groups and solo artists are priced at the same rate for your ease. There is no extra charge for PA equipment, special song arrangements, transportation, setup time, etc...
  • Solo Pricing - $350 for the first 2 hrs. and $75/hr. for any additional hours.
  • Group Pricing - $295 per musician for the first 2 hrs. and $75/hr. per musician, for any additional hours.

Our groups can be mixed easily to custom fit your event. For example: one could use the Mixed Ensemble to play classical music for a wedding ceremony and the Sierra Jazz Band for the reception. Many combinations are possible. We also have a referral list of other unique instrumentalists (bagpipers, harpists, etc.).

Pricing Example 1

Pricing Example 3

Pricing Example 2

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